Guiness Book of World Records Now Granting Dubious World Records?

Setting a world record usually means doing something really difficult and challenging that requires lots of effort and it’s something that is not easily copied, i.e. the record will not be easily broken. However, of late, all kinds of “records” have graced the pages of the Guiness Book of World Records, including the latest: Most Adjustable Digital Camera handed out to the Casio TRYX.

I don’t know about you, but does that sound like the most dubious world record ever or what? Will camera manufacturers now rush out to obtain a world record as the best low light camera? The smallest camera? The reddest camera? The most angular camera? The Plenoptic Camera? The Translucent Mirror Camera? The Fastest Contrast-Detect AF camera? I believe the GBOWR may have permanently soiled its reputation in awarding this dubious “record.”

View the GBOWR Most Adjustable Digital Camera award.