Google Launches Learn With Google Beta

From learnwithgoogle

Google has its fingers in every pie, it seems, not content to stay with its core search offerings. “Learn With Google” is a site targeted to small businesses and features “All you need to know to grow.” It includes basic but important information for creating your business plan, learning about marketing, running AdWords to promote your business, etc. You get my drift: it is really a big infomercial for Google products and services. Even the URL gives you a hint it’s an ad:

So I’m not sure how much you’ll really learn about running a successful small business, but it is nevertheless choke full of information on how you can tie Google products and services into your small business, which seems to be really the purpose of the site (as all call to actions lead to these products/services) — and which is not a bad thing considering that you really kind of need to do these things.

As always, judge for yourself and visit Learn With Google.

source bizreport