Fall and Winter Extended Trailer

Fall and Winter Extended Teaser from Matt Manderson on Vimeo.

‘Fall & Winter’ is a documentary that explores the origins of our global crisis in order to better understand the catastrophic transition we have now entered. This film presents the ideas and experience of a wide range of people dedicated to confronting this crisis head on. The result is an analysis of our failing institutions and culture so we may be equipped to handle drastic collapse and foster a vital, fundamental rebirth in the way we live on this planet.

We received a letter from Matt Anderson, Director of Fall and Winter in answer to our earlier comments on the original trailer:

Hi, I’m the director of the documentary Fall and Winter. I very much appreciate your comments, and hope that you aren’t too discouraged from watching our film. I do feel it is not on a single-track of ‘gloom and doom’. My process of making the film went from seeing no exit – no way out – to witnessing firsthand a myriad of solutions and adaptive methods which people have been developing in response to this crisis.

I feel that the metaphor of seasons does not represent anything terminal. We all understand that there is an ebb and flow with nature (of which we are a part). The realization of our individual responsibility for fixing this crisis comes with hardship and hard work.

I would encourage you to watch our new extended trailer which I feel gives a much fuller representation of what you can expect in the finished film.

Thanks for taking the time to write about our film!


Matt Anderson

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