Everything Is A Touchpad

From chrisharrisoncmu

Every teacher and student these days know about interactive white boards, such as SmartBoard, that projects an image onto a white board and allows touchscreen functionality. Students love using these interactive smart boards, but they have to walk up to the screen to manipulate objects on the screen as they answer questions.

Imagine if each student could have his and her own mini smartboard projected onto the student’s desk or even hand. The student would not even have to leave hir or her chair to answer a question on the smart board.

OmniTouch is a wearable projection system, developed by Chris Harrison, that enables interactive multitouch applications on most any surfaces. It is currently a shoulder-worn system that allows the wearer to use their hands, arms and legs as graphical, interactive surfaces. Other surfaces can be books, walls and tables.

Read more about Omnitouch @ Chris Harrison.

via geekosystem

I am sure that it is only a matter of time before someone incorporates this technology into a camera or camera control system. Imagine being able to remotely and wirelessly control your camera by using any surface at hand. Or, the always popular virtual keyboard: the office of the future will be a long line of people all bending forward and typing on one another’s back [someone, draw that for me!].