Epson Workforce DS-40 Wireless Portable Scanner: A Lightweight Holiday Gift for Travellers & Workers to Go Paperless and Be Organized

This video presents Epson WorkForce DS-40 Wireless & Portable Document Scanner.

  • The wireless portable scanner for smartphones, tablets, computers and more.
  • Stay organized and go paperless, wherever business takes you, with the 1.1 lb WorkForce DS-40 wireless portable document scanner.



Epson Workforce DS-40 Wireless Portable Scanner

Stuck on what to buy for your globetrotting friends and family this holiday season? Don’t despair, Epson has you covered with the Epson WorkForce-DS 40 wireless portable scanner. Whether travelling for work or play, Epson’s DS-40 lightens the load allowing travellers to go paperless while staying organized. At 1.1lbs, travellers can easily slip the scanner into their backpack or briefcase while on the go.”

With the DS-40 you can scan itineraries, receipts, business cards and more to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or directly to the cloud. The flexibility of the wireless and USB power options makes scanning on-the-go easy. The DS-40 is bound to delight the globetrotter in your life and be their trusted companion in their next adventure.