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Epson Canada’s Survey Results: Canadian Workers Channel Superhero Alter Egos, Tend to Multi-task & Require Up-to-date Office Tech to Succeed

Image extracted from video below.

Image extracted from video below.

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Working women relate to Wonder Women and most men embrace Superman

Survey reveals that outdated office tech is more foe than friend in the workplace

(Markham, ON) February 26, 2015 – Epson Canada surveyed Canadian workers to reveal quirky work habits, technology reliance and which super powers would help Canadians get through the work day. The survey shows how much Canadians channel superhero alter egos, tend to multi-task and require up-to-date technology to succeed.

Superhero Alter Egos
The majority of women surveyed (62 per cent) identify with Wonder Women while most men (29 per cent) identified with Superman. Other highlights include the fact that most working Canadians have the desire to be able to freeze time (32 per cent) and move with super-speed (36 per cent).

Office Kryptonite
A notable 45 per cent of respondents indicated that outdated, underperforming office technology is their workplace kryptonite overshadowing other contenders including workplace politics, a tough commute and poor coffee. Only 25 per cent of respondents indicated that long hours are another source of grief in the workplace.

“We conducted the survey to better understand how Canadians get their job done and identify some of their pain points,” said Karen Rowden, Epson Canada. “Our results show a consistent emphasis on being time-constrained and the need to multi-task. Epson technologies help Canadian workers increase efficiency and get work done regardless of where or how they are doing business.”

Time-starved multitaskers
Canadians are committed multitaskers, as respondents admitted to taking calls from the washroom (47 per cent) twice as much as from their beds (23 per cent). Others mentioned that they often eat while they participate in conference calls (21 per cent). However, that may just depend on the time of the calls. When it comes to productivity, 54 per cent of respondents indicated that they get the most work done between 9 and 11 a.m.

Additional Epson survey findings:

  • Music to Your Ears – Almost three quarters of respondents (70 per cent) admitted to using music to keep cool when under a time crunch
  • Workplace Allies – When asked what is the most important ally in the workplace, 41 per cent of respondents chose their own instincts, edging out their laptop, printer or other colleagues
  • Love Thy Printer – When asked “If your printer could talk…” 35 per cent indicated it would say “We’re in this together” while 39 per cent thought it would say “Low Paper Supply”
  • Do-It-All Tech – When asked which tech features would increase productivity in meetings, almost two thirds of all respondents stated that all options (scanning to the cloud, printing from mobile devices, projecting content wirelessly from a mobile device) would help in the office

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