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DSLR Pinhole Photography

From makemagazine

It’s not as crazy an idea as it seems at first. If you’ve seen the “camera” on the iPad 2, you’ll know how small it is: basically a pin prick hole. The aperture on compact digicams are so small anyways they might as well be called a pinhole, except thay have a lens in front and a pinhole camera does not.

So, if you have never experienced a pinhole camera, this video shows you how to make one using a spare body cap on your DSLR. The blurry (dreamy?) effect could be creatively used in some video shots. I wonder if you can make use of digital zoom? And what if I use an extension tube. Someone (lensbaby?) should make these pinhole body caps.

source newsodrome

iPad 2 Disassembly:

From PowerbookMedic

The iPad is basically glued together.