Digital Puppeteering Allows You To Control Another Person’s Facial Gestures

Being John Malkovich – ECCV 2010 from Ira Kemelmacher on Vimeo.

We recently saw a puppet warp feature added to Adobe Photoshop and it was cool being able to manipulate a picture. In a similar vein, this new digital technology makes use of a puppeteer feature to control another person’s face.

Given a photo of person A, we seek a photo of person B with similar pose and expression. Solving this problem enables a form of puppetry, in which one person appears to control the face of another. When deployed on a webcam-equipped computer, our approach enables a user to control another person’s face in real-time. This image-retrieval inspired approach employs a fully-automated pipeline of face analysis techniques, and is extremely general—we can puppet anyone directly from their photo collection or videos in which they appear. We show several examples using images and videos of celebrities from the Internet.

I guess this will facilitate movie editing tremendously. Lip singing may also never be so easy.

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