Cross Walk Pedestrian Art

Picture a bare tree painted on an enormous white canvas (12.6m x 7m). Now place the canvas on the road with the bare branches overlapping a cross walk. At the end of each crosswalk, place a sponge mat soaked with washable environmentally friendly green paint. As pedestrians walk on the mat, soak the sole of their shoes with green paint and walk across the street, they leave their shoe prints. When there are enough shoe prints, the tree, which was bare to start out with, is now green with leaves.

It’s a subtle ecological message from the the China Environmental Protection Foundation how choosing walking over driving contributes to help the environment. After all, China is now the world’s largest car market with over 500 million vehicles on the road.

Almost 4 million people got to leave green tracks on 132 roads in 15 cities across China.

Although a laudable campaign, cities have to create more walking-only zones, more parking spaces outside the cities and more reliable public transportation system to get people to leave their cars outside the cities or at home. Or, it adds up to just spilled paint on the streets.

via colossal