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CREATE: Li Wei, Photographer, Magician, Artist

We have all seen and been amazed by the “gravity defying” photography of Li Wei. People seem to hang in mid air, about to fall from skyscrapers, buried to the neck or crashing through walls. How does he create these works of art [which are accompanied with a certificate of authenticity]?

The Creators Project video gives a Behind the Scenes look at how Li Wei creates these photographs with cranes, wires, mirror, scaffolding, acrobatics. And, of course, Photoshop. However, the people are actually hanging precariously from outside the windows of skyscrapers and Photoshop is used in these cases to erase the physical wires keeping the people from falling to their certain death.

Of course, Li Wei is not the only photographer who has featured levitation as a theme in their photography. The Creators Project highlights 5 other such photographers. In fact, there are many other interesting videos from photographers around the world on the site. Well worth a visit.

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