Get Ready! CP+ Returns Feb 23-26, 2023

If you are a photography enthusiast and like learning all there is to know about the latest digital cameras, then the Camera & Photo Imaging Show (CP+) is just (OK, almost) around the corner. CP+ 2023 will take place from Thursday Feb 23 to Sunday Feb 26, 2023 in Yokohama, Japan, though you can also attend virtually. CP+ 2023 is billed as a “hybrid” event, with an on-site event and online event, with both opening their doors simultaneously.

You may have heard of CIPA as you read the specifications of cameras (e.g., the battery life). Well, CIPA is the organization that hosts CP+. Most of the major camera companies show up to display and demonstrate their latest and greatest imaging gear. You can attend keynote speeches, panel discussions by the top engineers, lectures and seminars on various topics of interest, presentations of the latest cameras and lenses, as well as of those still in development.

Besides presentations of the latest cameras and lenses, there will also be photo exhibits and awards, and presentations of new printers, sports cams, drones, external screens, video cameras, gimbals, telescopes, binoculars, digital imaging software, and other products such as camera bags, straps, tripods, and books.

The following video gives an idea of what you can expect to see and experience at the show:

What should be exciting about CP+ 2023 is that, since all the major camera manufacturers have now fully embraced mirrorless technology, you will mostly see new mirrorless cameras and lenses dedicated to them. Do not expect to see much of DLSRs or point-and-shoot cameras. It will be a great opportunity to handle the latest mirrorless cameras and lenses and to compare between the various brands. What can be more exciting than to have all the flagship mirrorless cameras together at one venue?

If you plan to attend on-site, be advised that they have a strict protocol to avoid the spread of COVID-19, including temperature check at the entry, use of hand sanitizer, the wearing of mask indoors, distancing, and frequent disinfection.

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