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CobraCrane USA Introduces the Complete Camera Crane Kit

Camera Crane Mastery Simplified – CobraCrane USA Introduces the Complete Camera Crane Kit

Today’s camera crane technology provides the capability for dramatic shots previously only available on Hollywood sets. Now you can shoot overhead or down low, make sweeping pans up or down and get great shots. CobraCraneUSA, is a leading supplier of camera crane systems, also known as camera jibs or booms. The Complete Camera Kit makes sure you have everything you need to “get the shot”, right out of the box. Kits contain video monitors, connectors, fittings and instructions… all in rugged carrying cases. Camera crane technology – made simple and easy.

Carlsbad, CA December 22, 2009 — A camera crane is a popular wish list item for videographers. Also known as a camera jib or camera boom, this practical video camera accessory delivers dramatic, dynamic shots that were only possible in large studios. Camera cranes are lightweight extensions that position the video camera for new and creative shots. Engineered counter-balancing delivers smooth pans from near ground level to maximum height while keeping the shot well framed.

Using a camera crane, you can shoot up and over a crowd or fly the camera on stage to capture a play or a concert unobtrusively. This technology frees the imagination and provides unlimited creative expression. This simple to use, lightweight tool adds a new level of professionalism and sets the operator apart from the competition. CobraCrane USA quality camera cranes starting at just US $289.

The CobraCraneUSA Complete Camera Crane Kit includes everything you need to get great shots: a CobraCrane with Extension Kit, a LNC-50 LANC Controller, 12′ LANC Extension cable, CCUSA Universal LCD Super Clamp, CobraCrane Padded Carry Bag, CCUSA 7″ LCD Monitor Complete Studio Kit with choice of battery Adapter (*batteries not included). All the accessories you need are Included to make all your components work together. The AV Cable Allows you to connect two video sources (RCA/BNC), one audio source (RCA) and the power source into the monitor – including video loop out. Plus a car lighter DC adapter to power the monitor through an auto 12 volt outlet, a 4-Pin XLR Adapter which allows you to power the monitor from a 4-pin XLR receptacle such as an external 4-pin 12 volt battery pack or battery belt, a shoe mount that allows you to mount the monitor on the shoe on top of your camera, a desktop/wall stand, a remote control for the monitor, plus an RCA Adapter that allows you to connect the monitor to your camera’s video out, or join two RCA female cables together for extended length. Plus we threw in an LCD Dust Cover to protect the monitor, a sun hood and a separate protective cloth carrying case with two zippered pockets and various compartments to store and transport your monitor and accessories safely. Optional items include a tripod and a heavy duty floor dolly. CCUSA camera crane kits contain 18 or more components making their kit one of the most complete kits on the market today.

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