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“Clean Air: A Basic Right” Exhibit: Photographers in Pictou County Can Submit Works by Sept.6, 2014

This video presents “Northern Pulp Mill and Pictou, NS – July 27, 2014.”

A very putrid and sickening day in Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada. This is far from an isolated occurence. In an interview with CBC, David MacKenzie, spokesperson for Northern Pulp readily admits that Northern Pulp is not in compliance with it’s regulatory emissions. This was not new information. The Nova Scotia Department of the environment allows stake holders to exceed limits if they have a plan and are working towards compliance. A Scrubber filter in the plant broke down in 2006. The Department of Environment says they were not aware until 2008. The precipitator on the recovery boilder has had issues since 2011. There have been two directives (in 2012 and early 2013) that the DOE has given Northern Pulp to come under compliance. Northern Pulp are working towards this and says this should be completed by spring 2015. In the mean time, emissions have ridiculously exceeded limits and Northern Pulp are setting records in production without fear of being shut down due to excessive particulate matter. Pictou County already has the highest levels when it comes to cancer mortality rate in Nova Scotia according to Government of Canada Stats.

Photo by Matt Gunning‎: Clean up the Pictou County Pulp Mill.

Photo by Matt Gunning‎: Clean up the Pictou County Pulp Mill.




Gerry Farrell, director of Palliative Care at the Aberdeen Hospital in New Glasgow and local photographer and Marianne Fraser, retired professional photographer, are organizing an exhibition of photography. They are seeking works by photographers who are affected, moved and/or inspired by the issue of toxic emissions of the Northern Pulp Mill in Pictou and the effects it has on health, the environment and the general wellbeing of the people in Pictou County.

The purpose of this exhibition is to raise awareness of the magnitude of the impact of the emissions of the Northern Pulp Mill on human life and the environment as a whole. With due consideration of the livelihood of its employees and the people who work in the sub industries, this exhibition seeks attention to the fact that the people in Pictou County and surrounding areas, can’t live any longer with the unacceptable toxic pollution that destroys their health, environment and community.

  • The title of the show is Clean Air: A Basic Right
  • The show will be at the DeCoste Centre in Pictou
  • The exhibit will start at Tuesday September 23rd
  • The official opening will be at 7.00 pm at the same day
  • The deadline for submission of work is Sept 06
  • The photographs for the show will be chosen by a selection committee and will be made in consideration of the exhibit as a whole and the available space.
  • Each photographer is allowed to submit 3 works. The digital files are to be sent by Email to in JPEG format and should not to be larger than 5 MB. The chosen images will be printed from the largest files.
  • The selected photographs will be printed in large format and is done by the organizers
  • With the submission of the photography the following information is requested:
  • Name of the photographer
  • Title of the photograph
  • Technical info: camera, focal length, shutter speed and aperture
  • A short statement – around 100 words or less– describing the work and the inspiration behind it
  • The selected images may be used for publicity purposes
  • The extra photographs will be shown as a video during the opening and possibly during the remainder of the show
  • The photography on exhibit is not for sale. If inquiries are made for purchasing of the work, the potential buyer will be directed to the submitting photographer
  • Further inquiries can be made by Email or phone:
    Gerry Farrell
    Marianne Fraser