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CIPA Commences “CP+” at Yokohama, Japan in 2010

The Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA), a consortium formed by major camera and imaging industry players including Canon, Casio, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony, has created a new photo industry event in Japan called “CP+”, to be hosted by CIPA. The first exhibition of “CP+” is scheduled to be held in “Pacifico Yokohama” of Yokohama-city, Kanagawa, between March 11th and 14th, 2010.

The PIE (Photo Imaging Expo) which used to be held every March is now dissolved.

The goal of “CP+” is to create a new international photographic industry exhibition, comparable to Photokina [Germany] and PMA [USA]. CP+ hopes to be the ideal platform for camera equipment manufacturers, component/device suppliers and software developers to present their products and technologies on a global scale and to search for untapped business opportunities. Numerous lectures, seminars, galleries, panel discussions and speeches are planned to facilitate and nurture further development of the photographic society at large.

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Creating a New International Photography Event

CIPA Commences “CP+” at Yokohama, Japan in 2010

Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) announced it is planning to host a comprehensive camera and photo imaging show in March 2010. Named “CP+” (pronounced [see-pea-plus]), the event address every aspect of photo imaging entertainment from shooting to viewing and sharing.

Together with three other industry organizations, CIPA has had a series of Photo Imaging Expo (PIE) events in Japan for the past five years, but the event ceased in March 2009. CIPA has decided to create its own event in order to pursue its desire of widely spreading the thrilling and newest photo imaging entertainment culture along with relevant information originated in Japan, one of the epicenters of the global photographic industry.

Receiving generous support from the city of Yokohama and the cultural facilities in and around the city, “CP+” is also expected to be an event which will promote and develop the photography and image culture from throughout Yokohama, the cradle of the photographic culture in Japan.

Objectives of the New Event

  1. To be a comprehensive camera & imaging show for consumers and businesses to promote and energize the photography and imaging industry.
  2. To provide an ideal global platform to disseminate information on the latest products and technologies for camera and imaging equipment from Japan and drive the evolution of camera and imaging businesses.
  3. To communicate the enjoyment of shooting, viewing, and sharing photography through various events, seminars and galleries.
  4. To strengthen the cooperation with cultural facilities and foster the growth of photography and image culture.

Outline of the Event

  1. Duration: March 11 (Thu) to March 14 (Sun), 2010, 10:00 to 17:00
  2. Location: PACIFICO YOKOHAMA (Exhibition Hall and Annex Hall)
  3. Admission: Free for visitors who have registered in advance through the Web site
    and ¥1,000 for general visitors who buy tickets at the window (tax included)
    Free for visitors aged 65 or older (Silver Pass or other evidence required), visitors who have disability ID cards, students (student ID card required),
    Free on Saturday and Sunday (with quick registration)
  4. Organizer: Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA)
  5. Sponsor: Japan Photo and Video Accessory Association (JPV)
  6. Supporter: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; City of Yokohama; and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) (application pending)
  7. Major exhibition subjects:
    Cameras, lenses, photo accessories, printers, image processing software, mobile devices, displays, projectors, photo finishing products, photo books, printing papers, studio facilities & equipment, etc.
  8. Exhibitor applications / visitor numbers (as of November 19)
    • Number of exhibitors registered: About 60 companies and organizations
    • Number of exhibition cubicles reserved: About 670
    • Number of visitors (estimate): 50,000
  9. Major events and programs
    [Industries and technologies]
    ■ Keynote speech by Tsuyoshi Kikukawa, president of CIPA
    ■ Panel discussion by key engineers from major camera equipment manufacturers
    ■ Exhibitions by component suppliers
    ■B-to-B Initiatives ~ Photo Business Seminars”~
    1) Color Management System
    2) Data processing for professional photographers
    3) CIPA/GfK global market seminar
    ■ Photo Imaging Technology Seminar
    To be held in cooperation with The Society of Photographic Science and Technology of Japan, The Optical Society of Japan, and JAPAN OPTOMECHATRONICS ASSOCIATION

[Hobby and life]
Tips on how to enjoy photography life

  • “Enjoy Photo Stage: Photography events for amateur photographers
    “Photo Seminars conducted by journalists from Camera Journal Press Club / Japan!
    [Instructors (Random order, titles omitted)] Etsuko Enami, Mineko Orisaku, Tetsu Sawamura, Hideki Kawano, Kouji Suwa, Michiko Yone, Kenichi Masuda, Kiyoaki Gouchi, Takashi Namiki, Shiho Yoshizumi, Youko Nakamura, Katsumi Maeno, Akira Uchiyama, Hiroaki Yoshida, Yuichi Maruya, Kazuo Suzuki, Tomomi Saito, Mitsugu Onishi, Naoyuki Toyoda, Kazuyuki Hagiwara, and others (scheduled)
    * Providing a place to display photos by young and budding photographers
    “ONAEBA” means a place to seedlings for rice paddies
  • Photo 575: An event linking photography and Haiku (Japanese short poem with 5-7-5 format)
    Yoshitaka Nakatani (photographer), Toshiki Boujou (Director of Association of Japanese Classical Haiku) (scheduled)
    [Photographic culture]
  • Digital Photo Theater (tentative name) – Enjoy photos on high-quality large screens –
    Proposal of a new style photo-viewing experience
    Various pictures and image content can be seen on large screens and the latest projectors
  • “Camera and Photography Exhibition from the middle of the Showa Era” (tentative name)
    *The middle of Showa corresponds to between1955 and 1964
    Showa 30s (1955 to 1964) was a time when the foundation of today’s photography industry of Japan was laid, including the emergence of color films and single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras. This period also overlaps with Japan’s economic growth period. In cooperation with Japan Camera Industry Institute (JCII) and JCII Camera Museum, this exhibition displays cameras and other related materials.
  • Exhibition of photographs applied from high school clubs across Japan
    [Collaboration with City of Yokohama] CIPA is in discussion with Yokohama city about various potential initiatives to align “CP+” with Yokohama’s unique and exciting events as well as entertainment activities. Updated information will be provided on our website.
  • Associated event held in the same period
    s Photography Exhibition
    Organized by the Japan Newspaper Museum / NEWSPARK and TOKYO PRESS PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION, it has been decided that the event will be held between January 9 (Sat), to March 22 (Mon) (National holiday) in 2010. This exhibition displays over 250 news photographs by photojournalists from newspapers, news agencies and broadcasters which are members of TOKYO PRESS PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION.

[Major exhibitors]
Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
Kenko Co., Ltd.
SIGMA Corporation
Sony Corporation / Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.
Tamron Co., Ltd.
Nikon Imaging Japan Inc.
Panasonic Corporation
FUJIFILM Corporation
HOYA CORPORATION: PENTAX Imaging System Division
Ricoh Company, Ltd.
and others

Should you have any inquiries, please contact:
JCII Bldg. 25, Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0082 Japan
Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA)
A. Hatakeyama (person in charge of the event PJ) E-mail: