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Candid Camera: Nature Cams Spy Adorable Quebec (Canada) Wilderness Creatures

As spring weather warms up the land, the wilderness creatures come out of their dens and other habitats to explore, find food and, for the newborns, experience life.

In the composite video below, nature cams placed at strategic places in the Quebec wilderness capture candid moments from Canada’s cutest creatures.

Memorable moments:

  • 0:22 Baby birds rises in perfect synchronization to meet mommy bird bringing lunch.
  • 0:40 A bit of a funny moment when a beaver gives a mighty push to a log that falls back onto its head.
  • 1:04 Never seen a beaver scratching like a dog before!
  • 1:26 A river otter breaks through snow with fish in its mouth, then proceeds to bump the camera, looking all surprised.

via CBC.ca