Capa’s Mexican Suitcase In New York Exhibition

Imagine stumbling onto 3 cardboard boxes containing more than 4500 negatives of images shot between May 1936 and March 1939, most of them from the Spanish Civil War. The images were shot by Robert Capa, Gerda Taro and Davic “Chim” Seymour and long-feared to be lost after the negatives were left in Capa’s studio in Paris when he fled France during the Second World War.

The ‘Mexican Suitcase’ was discovered in 1995 and released to the International Center of Photography (ICP) in January 2008 after years of secret negotiations with the descendants of a Mexican general who found the work. After two years of scanning and cataloging, visitors will be able to get access to some of the most iconic images as the ICP opens its first Mexican Suitcase exhibition on 24 September. The exhibit will run for more than three months.

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