Canon Cinema EOS C300 Is Natural Evolution of HD DSLR

At last, a camera manufacturer has done it. Take the ridiculously unwieldly HD DSLR and spin it into its own line of video camera, the Cinema EOS. Hopefully, other DSLR camera manufacturers follow suit and DSLRs can go back doing what they do best: take still pictures. And here’s hoping the DSLR and Cinema lines take different paths and that the twain shall never meet again.

The Canon Cinema EOS C300 sports a 8.3MP CMOS image sensor (4K resolution). Estimated list price is US $20,000. We’ll blog more about this when Canon decides it wants some free coverage. I don’t think anyone is going to stay up all night waiting for an official press release. Easily the worst PR for a new “historic” release ever. A+ for the new cinema line. D- for the awful PR and marketing effort.

Follow the exciting h-o-u-r by h-o-u-r development, if you are interested, at: canonrumors and engadget.