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Boy Writes to Friend About Mom’s Homeschooling Attempt: It’s Not Going Good

Parents are learning that teaching one kid for 7 hours a day is no picnic. Ask this kid.

Even as we are all suffering from cabin fever, and itchy to go out and enjoy the return of the warm weather, thousands of teachers, children and parents are asking themselves just what to expect from a return to school. Is anybody really thinking this through? Is there a plan? Or, are teachers and the children simply going to be left to themselves to work it out?

Above is a letter Candice Hunter Kennedy’s 8-year-old son, Ben, wrote to his friend about his mom’s homeschooling attempt. (via Facebook)

But, without a coherent and practical plan, here’s what a day in class just might look like (to see subtitles in another language, click on Settings – Subtitles – French (auto-generated) – Subtitles – Auto-translate – and select the language of your choice. It’s not perfect, but hope you get the gist of it):