Black Water Bird Sports Camera

A cormorant picked up more than it bargained for when it found a strange object in a lake. It probably thought it was a fish but it turned out to be Frank Resendes’s camera that slipped out of his pocket during a fishing trip while he was helping haul in a fish near Craven, Saskatchewan around March. Months later, Karen Gwillim was driving by the small town near Regina when she saw a cormorant staring at her with something strapped around its long neck. She pulled over, approached the water bird, and removed the silver camera. The bird did not offer any resistance and, freed from its load, happily flew away.

Gwillim posted some of the 239 photos in a public Facebook album on Oct. 30, but it was an interview by the local CBC radio station and a publihed story online that alerted Frank Resendes as to the whereabouts of his camera.

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