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Baby Twins Baby Language

From FuzHen2006

These two cute baby twins are quickly making the round of the Internet. They clearly are communicating between each other about some interesting subject. One has a question and the other is answering the best he or she can. The conversation is probably going on something likt this:

First baby: Did not mom tell us clearly that the kitchen is out of bounds?

Second baby: Yes, but she is not here now.

Baby 1: She says it can be dangerous here. Were you not listening?

Baby 2: And?

Baby 1: So, are you going to get out now?

Baby 2: No, and help me climb up. I think I saw her stash the cookies somewhere up there.

Baby 1: The cookies? Those yummy ones? If I help you, will you share with me?

Baby 2: Of course, I’ll share. But you must promise to take the blame if she finds out.

Baby 1: OK, count me in.

Baby 2: Boy, there must be something I can step on here. Look around.

Baby 1: Use the force.

Baby 2: I did, it doesn’t work…