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Art Lebedev’s Transparentius

This is probably the most practical and useful invention yet that aims at making our roads safer. This is based on the same “cloaking” technology that we have seen where a video camera takes a picture in front of a person and projects it on the back of the clothing the person is wearing, giving people following that person the sensation of “seeing through” him.

Art Lebedev proposes to fix a video camera to the front of large vehicles, such as trucks, that captures the scene in front in real time and projects it onto the back of the transporter. This allows other vehicles following the truck to see the oncoming traffic. This should help you decide whether it is safe to pass or not.

I wonder if, instead of displaying the view in front in real time all the time (could be a distraction and even a danger because we might forget that we are indeed following a truck), this view could be turned on only when needed by the truck driver.

We would not espouse digital advertising on back of transport vehicles, which would be a major distraction and cause of accidents.

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