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Androp Uses 250 DSLRs With Flashes as Stage Backdrop

From andropmusic

As far as originality goes, this gets the prize. Japanese band Androp decides to use 250 Canon EOS 60D DSLRs equipped with external speedlites (and arranged in a 25 x 10 grid) as their stage backdrop. The whole contraption is controlled by Arduino software.

The making of androp「Bright Siren」music video. 250 cameras & strobos were controlled by a program to create the light animation. This video does not use any CG.
Director: Masashi Kawamura + Qanta Shimizu + Masatsugu Nagasoe
camera support: Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

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source fstoppers

And here’s the result:

From andropmusic

You’ve got to admit: these speedlites recharges pretty fast to be able to be used like that! Truth is there was really no need to use cameras for that light effect — unless they actually took a picture everytime a flash went off. If so, it would be interesting to see the result.