Amazing Footage of Buffalo Herd Rescuing A Calf From A Pride of Lions

From Jason275

This video is amazing in showing what really goes on in nature: a pride of lions lies in wait, crouching in tall grass hiding from what looks like a family of buffalo: mother, father and baby calf. As the latter get too close and realize the lions are waiting for them, they turn and run for it, but the lions go after the baby calf and catch it by the river. As the lions struggle to bring the calf ashore, a crocodile appears and fights for the calf. A tug of war ensues, which the lions win. They settle down to finish the calf and enjoy a meal. Meanwhile, the pair of buffalo have returned to the herd and they all come against the lions. In the end, they succeed in rescuing the calf and chasing the lions away. Amazing! Never seen this in any wildlife documentary. Jason275, thanks for sharing!

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