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Actua Canada Presents “The Science of Gift Giving: Actua’s Smart Picks for Kids”

Actua Canada


The Science of Gift Giving: Actua’s Smart Picks for Kids

Give the gifts of knowledge and fun this holiday season with toys that help kids learn during play time.

Actua, a national organization dedicated to increasing youth interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), has released their annual gift guide for parents aiming to inspire innovation and nurture curiosity.

While kids are well-versed in how to use their phones and computers, they often don’t have the opportunities to explore the basic principles of science and technology in an engaged and exciting way.

The 2017’s top gift picks encourage kids to problem solve, explore and create- all while learning basic STEM principles.

Add more STEM under your tree this holiday season!


  Osmo Coding Awbie Game – With Osmo coding is easy, creative and fun. Help them learn computer programming fundamentals by snapping physical blocks together to create commands for Awbie to follow. It’s the easiest way to help introduce them to coding.

Women of NASA Lego – Help inspire them during play time with the Women of Nasa Lego set. From role-playing space exploration to the moon landing, this Lego set features four groundbreaking women from NASA including an astronomer, a physicist, an astronaut and a computer engineer.



Micro:bit Go-  Inspire them to start coding by using the Micro:bit Go, a pocket-sized computer they can code and customize to bring games and apps to life. The kit contains everything needed to help get them started with coding including a microprocessor, USB cable and battery holder.



LittleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit – Take them on a journey to a galaxy far, far away where they can create their own custom Droid and bring it to life. They can teach their R2 Unit new tricks and create new skills using the littleBits electronic blocks and Droid Inventor app.


  Ozobots– Bring coding to life with an Ozobot Bit. With the stroke of a marker, help guide the pocket-sized robot as it uses optical sensors to detect lines and colour codes. Over 25 STEAM activities are included in the kit to keep kids entertained as they learn.


The full list of Actua approved gifts can be found here:


About Jennifer Flanagan:

Jennifer Flanagan, Co-Founder and President and CEO of Actua, is Canada’s leading expert on inspiring youth to innovate and on the tools and support they need to be successful. Jennifer created Actua two decades ago to ensure that Canadian youth everywhere, regardless of geography, socioeconomic background or gender, have access to inspiring STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning opportunities. Since then, Actua has grown to be the largest not-for-profit organization of its kind in Canada and has reached over 5 million youth across the country.
About Actua:
Actua is Canada’s leading science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) youth outreach network representing 35 university and college based members. Over 5 million young Canadians have been inspired through their participation in Actua’s hands on educational workshops, camps and community outreach initiatives. Each year, Actua’s growing network of member organizations reach over 250,000 young Canadians in over 500 communities nationwide. At the national level Actua focuses on the engagement of underrepresented audiences through specialized programs for Indigenous youth, girls and young women, at-risk youth and youth living in Northern and remote communities. For more information about Actua, visit actua.ca.

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