A Package Photographs Its Own Journey

Ruben van der Vleuten wondered what happenned when he sent a parcel by mail. Yes, some people stays awake thinking about things like that, which drives others crazy about such nonsense. You readers are in one or the other camp, admit it. But, curiosity — and a fantastic video footage — will make you want to know the answer.

He basically put a camera inside a box wired to an interval timer that triggered the camera to take a video every minute: a 3 second video if the box was not moving, a longer video when it was in movement. A tiny 2mm hole poked thru the box in the middle of a large black letter “B” written on the box hid the nature of the package.

From A to B from Ruben van der Vleuten on Vimeo.

Read the article at: Ruben.

via dpreview