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3D Point-and-Shoot Camera

Lynx Laboratories – Object Modeling from Lynx Laboratories on Vimeo.

Well, it’s not coming to a store near you yet but this camera allows a person to take a 3D picture of an object (or another person in this video) by simply walking around it. No tripod needed! The Lynx A digital image capturing device features scene modeling, object modeling, and even motion capture.

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The Lynx A camera's object modeling feature in action.
Usually if you wanted to make a 3D model of a person or an object, you'd start by looking at it. What if that was all you had to do? This is now possible with real-time object modeling. Just move the camera around the object to obtain all of its features and colors, and you are done. Export to your preferred file format and continue working! It's that easy.

via physorg