36 Cameras Embedded In A Ball Gives Spectators A New Way To Watch Sports

From jonaspfeil

I love watching soccer when a goal is replayed from the perspective of the camera placed high in the net. Imagine if you could also watch it from the perspective of the ball itself! This is more or less the idea behind the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera. The ball has 36 mobile phone camera modules embedded all around it to capture a full spherical panorama when thrown into the air. It uses an accelerometer to determine when it has reached the peak of its flight and then captures a full panoramic image.

Wouldn’t you say this is just a step away from letting it broadcast live images at all times?

It’s a project of the Computer Graphics Group, TU Berlin, from the Diploma thesis ‘Throwable Camera Array for Capturing Spherical Panoramas’ by Jonas Pfeil.

via thepostgame