$1 Polaroid Camera bought at garage sale yields photo of dead uncle

Apparently a boy bought a Polaroid camera at a garage sale and found a photo of his dead uncle inside. He had gone to the garage sale with his grandma and she was surprised to see the photo of her now dead 23 years ago son inside.

The thing is: Polaroid cameras do not work this way. You take the picture, the picture has to get ejected, rolling between rollers so the chemicals stored in pouches get released and coat the photo. This is how the image develops after 1 minute in plain sight. Could the possible (though improbable) explanation be that the photographer inserted the developed picture back into the cartridge for temporary storage? You’d think he or she would hand the picture over to the subject who would simply put it into a pocket or purse.

But everything, I guess, is possible. Though highly improbable.

Read the article at the Wichita Eagle.