Royal Baby First Official Photos

Michael Middleton, the duchess’ daddy, took those “official” shots with the happy family posing with baby Prince George. The family is posed against the strong sun. The photos looked to have been post-processed to brighten the faces (so the original pictures must have been severely underexposed), resulting in the highlights blown out completely.

We think it’s cool that they eschewed the official photographer and turned to Dad instead for the snapshots. And even though the photos are not of professional quality, the ordinary snapshots speak volume to the type of persons this couple is.

Before people think daddy needs a better camera, we think that what is needed instead is a new Scene Mode. How come in the age of all the fancy schmancy intelligent scene modes don’t we have one that can automatically expose for the highlights, fire a fill flash and lock focus on the eyes? We need a new Scene Mode to do just that and dub it: Royal Scene? Or, set the HDR function on!

Or, Michael Middleton needs some photography lessons. After all, grandpa will be taking lots more photos of Prince George through the years. We cringe just thinking of all those underexposed shots with blown out highlights.

View the images at: thestar.