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Resource Furniture is the New IKEA

Move over IKEA, here comes the next generation of compact, actually practical furniture for small spaces. It is Italian Designed, with a capital D, and therefore looks great. Prices? “Competitive.” Vis-à-vis other Italian-designed furniture, I guess, which means that it can’t be cheap. I guess I’ll go back to my IKEA.

[ via Engadget ]
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  • Only the design is Italian, the rest is certainly not. And it’s certainly closely related to photography, don’t you think?

  • Hey George,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Photography-related? Not exactly, but why do I bother? I’ve always felt that anything related to design and creativity is good for photographers. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and see what other professionals are doing in their field and how it can creatively affect our field of interest. Being a photographer is being an artist — as well as being a scientist. I take comfort in knowing that the great painters have borrowed from other arts as well as from science and technology to help them innovate new forms of painting. Photographers can do the same. I mean after all, how many more HDR toned pictures can we take?

    Branching out from time to time helps keep me sane. Thanks for reading!