Fujifilm X-Pro1 Lenses and Accessories Catalogue

When I was still in high school, I would satisfy my photography craving by visiting the camera retailers in my town. Instead of going straight home from school, I would wander the streets of the city, dropping into one and then the other camera store. Whereas a few store would refuse to open up their display window and hand over an expensive SLR to a teenager, many in fact did just that, perhaps recognizing the craving that they used to have themselves. At the end, I would thank them, hand back the camera and then collect all the colorful brochures and catalogues available. After Marvel comics, these were my favorite readings.

Of course, today, all the information you would ever want on a camera is available online. So are the catalogues.

Fujifilm has published their long-awaited catalogue of lenses and accessories for the X-System, i.e. the X100 and X-Pro1.

Download the Fujifilm catalogue [pdf, 4.5MB].