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Add A Signature


Save The Signature

When we are happy with the font face, type and size of our signature, all we have left to do is to save the file for future use. But before we do this, we want to restore the transparent background and hide the white background.

To do this, we unselect the background layer by clicking on the eye symbol beside it so that it disappears. Notice that the transparent background is restored.

Click on File - Save on the menu and save your signature file.

That's it!

Now everytime you need a signature, you just open up your signature file, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it into a new layer on your image.

Let's do it right now while we still have the signature file open.

To copy the signature, do Select - All, Edit - Copy Merged. Your signature is now saved in the clipboard.

Now let's add the signature to an image.

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