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Add A Signature


Create A Background Layer

Still remember how to create a new layer. Simply click on the "Create a new layer" icon.

Your Layers Palette should end up looking like this:

Layer 1 was there when we created a new file. It is transparent.

We just created Layer 2, and it is also transparent. Layer 2 is highlighted, i.e. it is selected. If it is not selected, click on it to select it.

On your Tools Palette (if it is not displayed already, do: Windows - Show Tools), set your foreground colour to White. It usually is by default. If it is not, then click on it and select white.

Tools Palette
Currently, the foreground colour is set to White
and the background colour is set to Black.

Drag the mouse to the upper leftmost of the screen,
or type "FFFFFF" (six Fs, upper or lower case) into the "#" edit field.
"FFFFFF" is the hexadecimal equivalent of "White."
Click OK to accept the colour as your foreground colour.

Now, click on the Paint Bucket Tool on the Tools Palette, and when you move your mouse over your drawing canvas, the mouse will change into a paint bucket. Click on the drawing canvas to colour the canvas entirely in white.

I like to name my layers so I know what they are later. So, I will rename Layer 2 (that we just coloured all white) to "background" and the way to do this is to Double-Click on Layer 2 in the Layers Palette and type in the new name in the Layer Properties.

Layer 2 will be renamed background in the Layers Palette.

You can, of course, choose any colour you want to use as a background. So, if you want to sign in black, then a white background is appropriate. If you want to sign in white, then select a black background. This background layer is simply to allow us to see clearly what we are going to type next.

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