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B&H Film Makers Master Class Contest: Apply & Upload a Video of Something You Have Shot and/or Edited (Length No Greater Than 90 Seconds): Enter Before September 10, 2015

Fri September 4, 2015

The following video presents Canon: How to Film Films with Filmmaking with Ryan Connolly – Ep1, Choosing the right camera:

Join filmmaker Ryan Connolly on a journey through making movies, as he helps out a fellow filmmaker remember what to do.

in this episode, Ryan explains how to choose the right camera for your project.

B&H Photo – Video – Pro Audio and New York Film Academy (NYFA)


2015 Film Makers Master Class Sponsored by Canon USA

FREE to apply & FREE tuition for those who are accepted

This is a tuition free, 4 – day intensive, hands-on workshop where selected students will be assigned a specific story to create from start to finish under the guidance of an industry master filmmaker on the streets of NYC and in the studios and classrooms of New York Film Academy. This is not a passive seminar, or an entry-level sit-and-watch workshop. This is what it takes to make it in the real world. You will learn how to produce a finished piece on a limited time-line project with a film crew you have never worked with before. The 2015 Filmmakers Master Class may stress you, may test you, and will most likely push you out of your comfort zone. With the guidance of our star instructors and your willingness to immerse yourself in the craft, you will gain boots on the ground, hands on experience which cannot be learned from text books, it must be experienced.

The Film Makers Master Class is FREE to apply and for those who are accepted it is tuition FREE.

  • Please note: Hotel and airfare not included in the workshop.

B&H Film Makers Master Class Contest

Our Goal: To Educate and Inspire you to Create

Do you have the makings of a future Spielberg? Or a Scorsese? Or maybe a Ken Burns? What could you become if given the opportunity & the tools to realize your dreams? Apply to our Filmmakers Master Class, a 4-day, tuition-free, hands-on workshop in NYC.

This Contest is open to individuals who are at least eighteen (18) years of age on their entry date unless it is prohibited by local law, statute, ordinance, or otherwise.

Accepted and confirmed filmmakers will enjoy the Film Makers Master Class program that takes place from October 12 to October 15 in New York City (NYC) plus other benfits outlined below:
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Press Releases

Canon U.S.A. at PhotoPlus Expo 2014: Displays Include Cinema EOS C100 Mark II Video Camera, EOS 7D Mark II & PowerShot G7 X Cameras Oct.30-Nov.1

Thu October 23, 2014


Canon U.S.A. Brings Its Digital Imaging Solutions To PhotoPlus Expo 2014

On Display for the First Time in the U.S. will be the New Cinema EOS C100 Mark II Digital Video Camera, EOS 7D Mark II and PowerShot G7 X Digital Cameras along with the Latest in Lenses and Professional Printing Solutions

NEW YORK, October 23, 2014 – Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, will demonstrate its latest digital camera optics and printer lineup, including the recently announced EOS C100 Mark II Digital Video Camera, at PhotoPlus Expo 2014 in the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, October 30 – November 1, 2014 in Booth #121.

Canon Cinema EOS C100 Mark II Digital Video Camera

Canon Cinema EOS C100 Mark II Digital Video Camera

Visitors to the Canon booth will have the opportunity to see the new EOS C100 Mark II, the latest addition to the Company’s Cinema EOS line of professional Super 35mm digital cameras. Additionally, PhotoPlus Expo attendees can try, firsthand, the powerful new EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR camera, the full line of Canon EOS and Cinema EOS cameras, EF and CN-E lenses, Canon’s professional and consumer camcorders, and the latest in PowerShot cameras including the new PowerShot G7 X. The Company will also be showing its gallery of PIXMA PRO and imagePROGRAF large format professional inkjet prints and will feature stunning images from Canon’s Explorers of Light, as well as live printing demonstrations throughout the show.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital Camera

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera

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Fun Stuff, Videos

Humor: An open letter to Canon

Tue November 15, 2011

An open letter to Canon from safetyhammer on Vimeo.

Why does your DSLR shoot video? How many photographers know how to shoot videos? And yet, all the latest DSLRs seem to focus on their video capabilities instead of their still photography capabilities. This tongue-in-cheek open letter to Canon was bound to be written as more and more photographers begin to realize that their beloved DSLRs have been morphed into… videocamcorders.

By the way, great bokeh.

Shot on a Canon EOS 60D with a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM


Mobius Shot With Canon Cinema EOS C300

Fri November 4, 2011

Mobius from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Vincent Laforet filmed Mobius with the all-new Canon EOS C300 camera.

via PDNPlus

And here’s the behind the scenes:

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One Degree: The Canon 600mm Meets The RED Epic for a 3400mm (equiv.) focal length reach

Mon August 8, 2011

One Degree from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Vincent Laforet attaches a Canon 600mm F4 EF lens with a 2X converter to a RED Epic using the (yet to be released) Canon lens adapter. The resulting focal length on the cropped sensor of the Red is approx. 3400mm (equiv.), for a roughly one degree angle of view. The video is shot at 4K, 120fps in RAW.

Read more about the video at:

via fstoppers

Contests, Videos

Vincent Laforet Edit Contest

Mon June 27, 2011

Laforet Edit Contest from creativeLIVE on Vimeo.

Want a chance to win $3,000+ of HDSLR gear?

Read on at: Vincent Laforet Blog

source @PixelsPhotos


Red Epic M Video by Vincent Laforet

Fri June 10, 2011

EPIC #308 from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

This video was shot partly with the Red Epic M, the Canon 5D MKII (Tree on top of hill, Mono Lake push, Death Valley slider shots) and the Canon 1D MKIV (BMW astro time lapse.)

Lenses: Duclos, Zeiss CP.2 and Schneider Cine Xenar PL, Canon EF.
Kessler sliders and cranes were used for moco and time lapse.

source photographybay

Interviews, Videos

Chase Jarvis Interviews Vincent Laforet Up Close & Personal

Sun March 20, 2011

From achaser123

Learn all the rules… and break them. Vincent Laforet

A very upclose and personal interview of Pulitzer Prize winning photographer/filmmaker Vincent Laforet from Chase Jarvis on what it takes to succeed in the creative world.

Here’s a tidbit: father was big on being perfect technically, especially on getting sharp shots. Grown up, Laforet had to learn to be more creative and stop being obsessive with technique. And if you think he gets assignments handed to him on a platter because of his fame, think again.

[Are these iPads they are holding and reading the questions from? Neat.]

source Photography Bay


Corridors Behind The Scenes

Wed January 19, 2011

The Story Beyond The Still “Corridors” – Behind the Scenes from Blake Whitman on Vimeo.

“Corridors” represents the final chapter in Canon’s award-winning contest The Story Beyond the Still on Vimeo. Vincent Laforet directs the eighth and final chapter for a stunning conclusion to one of the largest user-generated filmmaking stories in history.

The world premiere of the entire saga of the Story Beyond The Still, including the final chapter “Corridors”, will simultaneously premiere on Vimeo and at a screening at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23rd at 6:30 EST!

Each chapter of the story will also screen on the Sundance Channel each day from February 7th-11th. Check local listings for details.

Behind The Scenes, Videos

Famous Footwear – “Neighborhood” Behind The Scenes

Wed December 8, 2010

BEHIND THE SCENES – “Neighborhood” from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

The making of the commercial Famous Footwear – “Neighborhood”.”

Read more at: vincentlaforet.

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Vincent Laforet HD DSLR Gear

Mon August 30, 2010

Vincent Laforet has been instrumental in showcasing the video capability of Canon’s HD DSLR cameras. If you are interested in what gear he uses for production, here’s a thorough description of the newer pieces of equipment that he uses.

2010 HDDSLR Gear Video from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.


Katrina & New Orleans: Did We Keep Our Promises?

Mon August 30, 2010

When hardened war photographers break down as they covered the story… When it takes you well over a year to get over the experiences and things witnessed… When you see the very worst — and the very best — of humanity in the span of minutes… When you plead to be sent to Iraq instead of going back there for a follow-up…. Welcome to New Orleans after Katrina — and now five long years later, and everyone is wondering: Did we keep our promises?

View the slide show at: vincentlaforet.


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