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Sorry, the December 2006 Newsletter will be our last. Our Newsletter is without ads and the only reason we have it is so everyone can benefit from each other's question. However, it takes lots of our time and we'd rather spend it on other tasks, such as tutorials. Thank you all for your support!

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We receive lots of questions and have tried to answer each and everyone personally. The idea of the newsletter came about when we realize the answer to a reader's question might well benefit other readers, too. After all, we were answering the same question over and over again.

So, we'll gather all the questions for the month, group them according to topic, and answer them in the newsletter. This way, every subscriber to the newsletter will benefit from one reader's question.

So, send us your questions. You may or may not receive an individual answer depending on how busy we are. But all questions will be answered in our Newsletter.

Privacy Statement: Our newsletter is opt-in, i.e you need to ask for it to receive it. We do not share or sell readers' email addresses and information.

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We use your email address to ensure that you are subscribed only once to our newsletter. Please also specify a userid. We require both a userid and email address to subscribe or unsubscribe.


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Unsubscribing to our newsletter is easy. Just fill in the form below and submit. Since we prepare a newsletter ahead of time, you may still receive the current month's newsletter, so please allow at least 4 weeks (1 month) before your email address is removed from the next newsletter. If, after this time, you are still receiving our newsletter, email us. We require that you give us both your userid and email address. This way we prevent somebody else unsubscribing you.









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