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We have made it easier to decide which digital camera is best for you in our Buyer's Guide.

As always, we recommend that you buy from a reputable dealer (whether face-to-face or online) with a generous return policy. Ensure the salesperson always treats you with respect and takes the time to answer all your questions. This is important because there is nothing like a person-to-person relationship to smooth out potential problems with your purchase; if the salesperson does not respect you now while trying to sell you a product, how will you be treated if you want to return the product, or have problems about it that need resolution? The salesperson should be nice to you because you are a source of referral to family, friends, and neighbors. Be wary of a salesperson who tries to hard sell you optional accessories. This should automatically set your radar to the "danger" signal.

If you do prefer to buy online, you can do so through our association with Amazon.com. To purchase a digital camera or to obtain a quote, click on the specific digital camera on our QuickFact Sheet page. If you are already registered with Amazon.com, then 1-Click purchase is already conveniently enabled. Sometimes, the price is competitive and you may have to 'add it to your shopping cart' to be able to see it; you can always remove it if you decide you do not want to purchase it after all. We do that all the time here to find out the street price of the different models.

If you want to find the lowest possible price, Dealtime.com (Shopping.com) provides price comparison from different vendors. Since vendors get added to the list all the time, please do your homework and ensure you are dealing with a reputable vendor.

[Verify a reseller's reputation at Resellerratings.com]

We've said this before many times, and it bears repeating again: if a price is too good to be true, then it probably is! Do not get conned into saving $200 only to never receive the camera or get your money back at all. And, if the salesperson tries to hardsell you optional accessories, be very afraid and try to extricate yourself from having any relationship with that vendor at all. So, rule of thumb: do not give your credit card number until 1) you are absolutely sure of the vendor's reputation, 2) you have written promise the camera is in stock, and 3) there are no hidden fees. I never buy from a dealer unless they have a satisfactory return and exchange policy.

Many people buy and sell on Ebay and have no problem. But, there are also many con artists on Ebay. Do not rely solely on Ebay's reputation rating for it is in many instances meaningless. For example, an unsatisfied buyer is afraid to give a negative rating to the seller because the seller will give him a negative rating, too, making it difficult for the buyer to buy from other Ebay merchants. Why, we even have merchants who brazenly steal our images and lift text straight out from our pages with no shame, and repeated complaints to Ebay result in... nada, nothing, zilch. Once you lose money to a con artist, you will not get reparation from Ebay -- and, the con artist will still "sell" with impunity. Ebay can be this wonderful marketplace where you can find almost anything, but if you are not experienced (i.e. start slow and learn with low $ buy and sell first), you will most probably lose big. We do not feature Ebay anymore on this site (ads are beyond our control). Buyer, beware!

[Verify a reseller's reputation at Resellerratings.com]

Whether you are buying a digital camera for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one (for an additional small fee, Amazon will even package it in an appropriate gift box), a good digital camera is always a prized gift sure to please. Don't forget to add a book if this is your first digital camera and you're not sure how to get the most from it. A good book can sometimes ensure an enjoyable experience for a beginner.


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