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Memory Cards: We recommend you purchase the largest memory card you can afford. This is because, as the megapixels resolution of digital cameras increases, you will need the larger sized memory card to store at least 100 shots (believe me, you'll easily take more than that in one picture-taking session). Don't forget, if it's large enough, you'll usually only need one memory card, erasing the pictures after you have transferred them to your PC, and reusing the memory card.

Batteries & Chargers: Don't get caught with a spent battery in the middle of a shooting session! Always have a recharged spare battery with you. Some digital cameras do not come with a battery charger. Purchase one and you'll start saving money on batteries.

Cases & Bags: Protect your investment with a soft case. If you have other accessories, you may need a larger bag to fit tripod, spare battery, filters, etc.

Photo Printers: Amazing what quality you can now obtain at less than $200! Don't use them to print all your shots, but choose the best ones. I give 4x6 in. to family and friends, and print 8x10 in. for special gifts.

Tripods: I hate tripods. There, I said it. I tried to avoid using tripods for as long as I could. However, for some shots, especially those at slow shutter speeds (less than 1/60 sec.) or at long telephoto, you'll end up with blurred shots unless you use a tripod. If you are into night scenes, you'll definitely need one.

Lenses & Filters: Some digital cameras accept optional lenses. If you are into real estate, a digital camera with a wide-angle lens is de-rigueur. Yet few digital cameras have a wide-angle that will do the job. Here, a wide-angle conversion lens can help. A telephoto conversion lens can extend the reach of your lens even further. It's amazing what we can do with consumer digital cameras these days that once were the seemingly sacrosant domain of the professional photographers (they also had more money to spend on lenses, etc.).

Underwater Cases: They're great for underwater photography in the islands! Just ensure you buy the right one that will keep your digital camera dry at the desired depth. Or, use them as protection from dirt, sand and water at the beach.

Digital Frames: This technology is slowly maturing and just waiting for the cheapo, plastic, throw-away digital frame that will forever replace the photo album.

Photo Quality Paper: All that megapixels on poor quality paper will not do justice to your digital camera. Select photo quality paper for prints with border or borderless prints. You can even have photo paper that comes pre-printed at the back like a postcard -- so you can send your own postcards to family and friends!

Software: Digital photography includes post-processing if you want the best images. Most digital cameras will capture images faithfully -- and that means "soft." In an image editing software, such as Photoshop Elements, you can crop, sharpen, brighten your images for the effect you want.

Photo Processing: And, if you do not want to muck around with any post-processing, just submit your pictures to an online photo processing site. They'll do all the printing work for you and send you the prints at home!

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