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Shop With Confidence

We have carefully selected the following online merchants largely based on their reputation as responsible and trustworthy retailers, with excellent customer service. We believe that you can shop with confidence at their web sites. By clicking on their ads, you will be brought directly to their web sites.

It never costs you more to shop digital cameras, books and other merchandise through Photoxels than it does to buy directly from those online merchants. For example, when you shop at through Photoxels, you gain any discount, free item or other offer that offers to those who purchase directly from them.

So, start your search from our site, and any merchandise you purchase will earn us a small referral fee which we'll use to further develop and maintain this site.

Shop Around -- But Only At Reputable Retailers

Before you buy from anyone, we do recommend that you shop around. Most of you will be shopping for the best prices. We also recommend that you shop around for the best service. This is especially true for digital cameras that costs hundreds (and, in some cases, thousands) of dollars.

You want to ensure that vendors have a generous return policy -- i.e. that you can easily return a digital camera within a specified test or evaluation period should you find after using it for a week or so that you don't quite like it. Reputable retailers will let you return or exchange the item without hassle and will not make you wait for weeks to get your money back.

Avoid shady sites that give you a price "too good to be true." There are too many horror stories with those "$300 below list price" offers. Those who have been burned by disreputable merchants can tell you all about: in-the-box items palmed off as optional; grey market items whose warranties are not covered locally by the manufacturer; suddenly "out of stock" merchandise after they have pocketed your money; pressure tactics to buy additional items at outrageous prices; waiting for weeks before getting your money back, if ever; etc. etc. etc. It's just not worth it -- so stay with the most reputable retailers.

[Verify a reseller's reputation at]


We have selected online merchants we believe you can trust. Remember, though, when you purchase an item from the online merchants who advertise on our site, you are buying directly from those online merchants, and not from Photoxels. What this means in practical terms is that Photoxels is not responsible for wrong or damaged item(s), late deliveries, missing items, returned items, etc. Please contact the appropriate merchant for resolution. That does not mean you cannot write us to let us know how the vendors are doing in the area of customer service. On the contrary, write us if you have specifically found great service from a retailer.

We thank you in advance for your support. Happy shopping!

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