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Fujifilm entices professionals with new FinePix S5 Pro

D-SLR camera presents superior combination of professional handling, innovative features and proven image quality

Mississauga, ON, December 15, 2006 – Reinforcing its commitment to professional photography, Fujifilm today announced the highly anticipated FinePix S5 Pro D-SLR camera. The new FinePix S5 Pro is further affirmation of Fujifilm’s goal to achieve professional D-SLR image quality consistent with the company’s professional film heritage.

Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro

“While the D-SLR market is more competitive and dynamic than ever before, we’re confident the FinePix S5 Pro will stand apart from the crowd by combining the sought-after picture quality of Fujifilm's Super CCD SR sensor with a fully digital and durable professional metal alloy body,” said Greg Poole, Vice President, Imaging Division, Fujifilm Canada Inc. “With its superior combination of truly professional handling and image quality, we expect the FinePix S5 Pro to appeal to an even broader range of professional photographers.”

Fujifilm's ultimate goal in developing its DSLR cameras has been to maximize image quality through the constant research and development of its sensor technology. With the introduction six years ago of its acclaimed Super CCD, Fujifilm moved away from increasing the pixel density of its sensors, in favour of image quality developments that increased the overall performance of the sensor. The FinePix S5 Pro refines this winning formula – Fujifilm's Super CCD SR II will be updated to the new Super CCD SR Pro.

Using a unique layout of twelve million paired photodiodes (6.17 million larger 'S' photodiodes for main image information, combined with 6.17 million smaller 'R' photodiodes for bright area information), the S5 Pro delivers improvements in noise, dynamic range, colour and tonality. Further improving the capability of the sensor, an improved low-pass filter will ensure that moiré and noise are kept to an absolute minimum. These key improvements will provide additional value to professional photographers – the challenge is quality of information, not quantity of information.

While the redesigned Super CCD SR Pro sensor is at the centre of the camera's performance, its new Real Photo Processor Pro technology ensures that the information is handled in such a way as to produce images that are beautifully vibrant, with colour recorded as the human eye sees it. The processor's two-stage noise reduction system delivers impeccably clean images, achieving light sensitivity up to ISO 3200 with incredible sharpness. A new dark noise reduction process, subtracting the residual, ambient noise on the sensor from the actual exposure, helps the camera produce smooth, clean images when long shutter speeds are used.

The FinePix S5 Pro also features one particularly desirable feature: the ability to record JPEG and RAW files simultaneously to the card. This will enable photographers to view and distribute smaller-sized jpegs, while retaining the ability to work on the larger RAW files later on a PC or Mac. This dual option is available with a variety of image sizes, giving the option to store either a small size file for emailing purposes, or a larger, more detailed JPEG file.

While its predecessor, the FinePix S3 Pro, achieved recognition for its excellent ergonomics, the FinePix S5 Pro dramatically improves both, adopting a tough, professional magnesium alloy body. With professional weatherproof seals, the S5 Pro is a camera truly deserving of the term 'workhorse,’ equally at home in the studio, at sporting events or covering news as on a nature assignment in a humid rainforest. The camera's shutter mechanism will be testament to its durability, as it has been tested to exceed the key benchmark of 100,000 cycles.

The FinePix S5 Pro also affords the user much greater control over the unique image parameters that its technology provides. Six stepped dynamic range settings between 100 per cent (normal dynamic range) and 400 per cent (dynamic range expanded by two stops) will enable the photographer to achieve exactly the tonal feel to their images that they want. In addition, three distinct settings for the 'negative film' preset option will further enhance the customizable nature of the camera, giving portrait photographers precisely the 'look' that they would like to see.

The S5 Pro will be available from select dealers February, 2007 at an estimated street price of CDN $2,500.00.

FinePix S5 Pro: Key Features and Enhancements

Image processing and quality

  • Real Photo Technology Pro, which combines the Super CCD SR Pro and the RP (Real Photo) Processor Pro, allows for greater dynamic range with smoother tonality from highlight to shadow
  • The improved Super CCD SR Pro features an optimized low-pass filter to reduce noise and minimize moiré
  • The newly developed RP Processor Pro features two cycles of noise reduction which enables photographers to take images at even higher sensitivities (ISO 100 to ISO 3200) with visibly reduced noise

Greater flexibility and control

  • Photographers can choose from AUTOMATIC and six pre-programmed ranges, 100 per cent(STD), 130 per cent, 170 per cent, 230 per cent(W1), 300 per cent and 400 per cent(W2), for greater creative control over the FinePix S5 Pro’s expanded dynamic range

Enhanced film simulation mode

  • Improved reproduction of natural skin tones through three new variations of the original film simulation mode (F1), representing five modes in total
  • ‘Fujichrome’ mode delivers images with rich saturation as photographers have loved with Fujifilm’s reversal films for many years

Face Detection Technology

  • At the push of a button, the FinePix S5 Pro’s Face Detection Technology detects up to ten faces in a scene immediately after each image is captured. Photographers can zoom in and confirm facial detail, whether eyes are open or closed, focus and exposure on the FinePix S5 Pro’s LCD monitor. This technology, developed for Image Intelligence over a number of years and adopted in the Frontier model, has been made available on a single chip that can be installed in digital cameras.

S5 Pro Features “At-a-glance”:

  • Nikon F mount compatibility with all Nikkor AF-D/G and the latest AF-S optics
  • RAW+JPEG (4,256 x 2,848 pixels, 3,024 x 2,016 pixels, 2,304 x 1,536 pixels) dual-save mode
  • Mac and PC-supported tethered shooting mode via USB 2.0 port and optional Hyper-Utility software
  • Robust, lightweight magnesium-alloy body
  • Durable shutter unit tested up to approximately 100,000 releases
  • Adoption of high-precision i-TTL flash control
  • 11-point AF sensor for consistent, fast and precise focusing
  • Supports 1/3, 1/2, and 1 stop lens aperture control
  • Shutter speed 30 sec. to 1/8000 sec. and bulb, maximum flash sync speed of 1/250 sec
  • Remark function enables addition of comments to an image file by connecting a RS-232C bar code reader to the camera body
  • 3 levels of custom Function Locking with password protection
  • 2.5 inch LCD with aprox. 230,000 pixels with 100 per cent frame coverage featuring color or monochromatic 30 seconds, live view function to check the focusing and the framing
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Compact Flash™ (CF) Card and Microdrive™ compatible

Optional Accessories

  • New Hyper-Utility Software HS-V3 for precise editing control of images taken in CCD-RAW
  • 14-bit format software also enables PC control of the FinePix S5 Pro; compatible with Windows Vista for existing Hyper-Utility HS-V2 customers (upgrade software will be available as an option)
  • Rechargeable Battery NP-150
  • Battery Charger BC-150
  • AC Power Adapter AC-135VN

About Fujifilm Canada Inc.
Fujifilm Canada Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujifilm Corporation of Tokyo, one of the world's leading imaging and information product developers and manufacturers. Fujifilm Canada is based in Mississauga, Ontario, with regional offices in Montreal and Vancouver.

Fujifilm Canada creates new dimensions in photography and storage media by introducing innovative technologies in the digital camera, digital and film photofinishing, camera and data media categories. Recent advancements such as Digital Super CCD, Image Intelligence, 4th Colour Layer Film Technology, ATOMM and NANOCUBIC Media have helped the company establish itself as the brand of choice by Canadian consumers.

Fujifilm Canada Inc. also makes environmentally friendly practices central to its business including its operations, its products and its community outreach. Green is more than just its corporate colour. It is a symbol of its commitment to improving our world - one person, one classroom, and one species at a time. Their efforts and dedication to continual improvement is reflected in the ISO 14001:1996 certification achieved in 2001 and ISO 9001:2001 in 2004.

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