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Panasonic LX2 Review

Review Date: Nov 1, 2006

Category: Serious to Advanced Amateur

Panasonic LX2
Photoxels Editor's Choice 2006



Friday, September 29, 2006 - Here's what I receive in the box:

  • Panasonic LX2 (Black body)
  • No memory card
  • Wrist Strap
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, Battery Charger, Battery Carrying Case
  • Lens Cap and Retaining String
  • Interface Cables: A/V, USB
  • English and French Instruction Manuals: Operating Instructions
  • Software CDs: Digital Camera 2.4 (ArcSoft PhotoImpression 5, ArcSoft Panorama Maker 3, ArcSoft PhotoBase 4.5, Lumix Simple Viewer 1.1E, Panasonic PHOTOfunSTUDIO -viewer- 1.1E, USB Driver 1.0)

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2 is targeted to serious photographers desiring a full-featured compact digital camera. It is compact and light enough to carry anywhere in a coat pocket.

The Panasonic LX2 is, for all practical purposes, a FZ50 in a compact body and with a 4x optical zoom lens (instead of a 12x optical zoom lens) attached to it. Its feature set is almost identical and in actual use comes close to what you would wish your ideal compact digital camera to be.

Its feature set approximates that of the FZ50 and I would encourage you to read the Panasonic FZ50 review if you haven't done so yet. Of course, it does not have the manual zoom and focus rings, and it has a Joystick instead of a FUNCTION button.

It's not so much the features on paper as how they are implemented and how the photographer can use them in practice that provide the photographer real photographic control.

The 16:9 image sensor and 28mm lens provides a wide-angle coverage that is perfect for landscapes and group shots. The 112mm tele coverage is perfect for portrait shots.

As for the FZ50, I really enjoyed using the Panasonic LX2. Its rich feature set, fast performance and excellent image quality at ISO 100 qualify it for an Editor's Choice. However, the same caveat prevails as for the FZ50: noise is a problem with Panasonic's image sensor at higher ISOs.

If you are a snapshooter who use your camera set to AUTO most of the time, you may not be happy with the images taken at high ISOs. It is therefpre not recommended for the snapshooter. Since most advanced photographers are cognizant of the noise issue on compact digital cameras and endeavor to stay at the lowest possible ISO anyway, the Panasonic LX2 may be the full-featured compact digital camera that they have been waiting for.

To summarize, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2 is, in my opinion, among the best of the compact models. It has many nice features that are well implemented and practically useful. The camera is responsive with robust performance and a very effective optical image stabilization. It supports RAW file format and has full manual exposure, so the advanced photographer should be able to make the most of this little gem.

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