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Panasonic Ballooncam(TM) is a Drone System with a 360-Degree Camera, LED, & Projector for Staging Sports & Events: It Can Light Up, Display Info, Fly Close to and Above People & Shoot Dynamic Aerial Images

Panasonic Ballooncam(TM): Image grab from video below

The following video presents Panasonic’s Advanced Content Technologies incl ballooncam(TM), A Drone System:
“Panasonic Corporation has developed a prototype of a drone system, Balloon Cam(TM), which combines a drone with a large balloon. This camera can be used to stage sports competitions and various events. The prototype was showcased in the Panasonic booth at Content Tokyo 2016, the 2nd Content Next – Advanced Content Technology Expo held at the Tokyo Big Sight from June 29 to July 1, 2016.”

  • The ballooncam(TM) is shown from 0:12 sec to 0:22 sec:

Panasonic at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, NV, January 5 – 8, is showcasing its ballooncam(TM) as one of the “Smart Entertainment” solutions.

  • Panasonic’s ballooncam(TM) combines a drone with a large balloon for a unique video platform.
  • The Ballooncam can be used to enhance the experience at sports games and other stadium events.
  • In the booth demonstration, videos shot by a 360-degree camera at the bottom of the balloon are projected to the floating Ballooncam in real time.

“The ballooncam(TM) is a staging tool with an innovative structure involving a drone enveloped by a large balloon.”

The highlights include:

  • The ballooncam(TM) can be equipped with a camera, LED, and projector, so it can also light up and display a wide range of information.
  • The ballooncam(TM) may be creatively used for surprising, amazing performances such as displaying images, lighting performances, or signage. The flexible body also creates a soft, friendly ambience.
  • Powered by 4 propellers, the ballooncam(TM) can fly around event venues in synch with the planned performance. Furthermore, as it uses the buoyancy of the large balloon and saves energy while in flight, it can be used for long durations of time.
  • Shoots dynamic aerial images: Since the drone is completely wrapped inside the large balloon, it can fly close to and even above the audience allowing organizers to shoot dynamic aerial footage.

* ballooncam(TM) is Panasonic Corporation’s trademark.

Panasonic ballooncam(TM) prototype structure

Panasonic ballooncam(TM) prototype structure