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Olympus D-535 Zoom Review

Review Date: Nov 22, 2004

Category: Point-and-Shoot

Olympus Camedia D-535 Zoom

Executive Summary

This Olympus Camedia D-535 Zoom Review is based on a production model. All sample images are unretouched, except where specified.

Reflections: 1/316.6 sec., F2.9 and ISO 64
5.8mm, Auto, Center-Weighted Average, 1/316.6 sec., F2.9 and ISO 64

The Olympus Camedia D-535 Zoom is an entry-level point-and-shoot digital camera targeted to first-time users. For less than US$150, you get a 3.2 megapixel resolution, 3x optical zoom digital camera that is both easy to use and gives good results.

The D-535 is basically a sunny outdoors camera or you can use it indoors if there is sufficient light. It does not have AF-Assist, so it's extremely difficult to focus in low-light situations. It has ISO equivalent of 64-250 which the camera automatically selects.

There is no viewfinder but the 1.5 in. LCD monitor is very bright and clear (130,000 pixels). Super Macro mode allows focusing to objects as close as 2 cm (0.8 in.). Metering is fixed at Center-Weighted Average which works quite well. Movie is at 320x240 15 fps, no sound. Besides P-Auto mode, there are also 4 Scene Modes, and exposure compensation is available.

The Olympus D-535 is compact and handles well.

See if you fit the Olympus Camedia D-535 Zoom User Profile below:

Olympus D-535
User Profile
Desire an affordable entry-level 3.2 MP point-and-shoot digital camera capable of producing prints of up to 8x10 in.
Definitely for a very first-time user, e.g. a young son or daughter.
Want a digital camera that is easy to use and gives good pictures.
Will take most pictures sunny outdoors or well-lighted indoors.


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