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Minolta Digital Cameras


Minolta DiMAGE Z1 Review

Review Date: Jan 29, 2004

Category: Beginner to Serious Amateur

Minolta DiMAGE Z1

Executive Summary

This Minolta DiMAGE Z1 Review is based on a production model. All sample images are unretouched, except where specified.

Kiriya Park in Winter: 1/800 sec., F5.6 and ISO 50
Kiriya Park in Winter:
5.8mm, Programmed AE, Spot, 1/800 sec., F5.6 and ISO 50

The Minolta DiMAGE Z1 has all the features and exposure flexibility that a beginner or serious amateur photographer needs to experiment, learn and grow in digital photography, including macro at 4 cm (1.7 in.) and a 10x optical zoom to a 35mm telephoto lens equivalent of 370mm.

It is a fast camera with negligible shutter lag and fast operations. The autofocus is quite fast in good lighting, and takes about 1-2 sec in low-light. The Minolta Z1 has a futuristic design (that some will love and others may not) and, in my opinion, the camera looks much better in hand than in print. Construction is solid and handling is superb with a comfortable handgrip and all the controls responding precisely to the touch. Those who need to adjust diopter on the viewfinder may find the tiny button somewhat difficult to turn.

Besides full Auto mode, the Minolta Z1 also has Programmed AE, Shutter-Priority, Aperture-Priority, full Manual, plus easy to use Scene modes. I would have liked to see Program Shift in the Program AE mode; it's a personal preference and a nice-to-have feature, but not absolutely necessary. Continuous-Advance and Progressive-Capture ("last six") allow capturing the right moment in fast action situations.

Image quality is comparable with other 3 megapixels resolution digital cameras and the use of a low ISO 50 ensures virtually noise-free images.

The Minolta DiMAGE Z1 shines in all respects. If you are learning about digital photography, or you are looking for the perfect present for someone who is starting out in digital photography, and you like its futuristic look, then you won't go wrong with the Minolta Z1.

See if you fit the Minolta DiMAGE Z1 User Profile below:

Minolta DiMAGE Z1
User Profile
Desire a quality 3+ MP resolution point-and-shoot digital camera capable of producing prints of up to 8x10 in.
Want a long zoom. Want a long zoom. Want a long zoom.
Want eveything a beginner or serious amateur photographer needs to learn, experiment and grow in digital photography.
Want more exposure flexibility than provided by a point-and-shoot digital camera.
Want the best value for money in the Beginner to Serious Amateur category.
Want a well-rounded digital camera for general family use.


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