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Photography Sites Links

Sometimes the best way to learn is by seeing how others apply the principles.

Photoxels is not associated in any way with any of the following photography sites links but they all deal with (digital & film based) photography one way or another and our editors have found they are well worth visiting. Why are we also featuring film-based photography sites? Because, if you think about it, it does not really matter on what medium (film or an electronic media card) you choose to record your pictures. So, enjoy these sites and see if you can learn something from them. Try to photographically "copy" the pictures you like--you will learn a lot about composition and exposure this way. Then, branch out and develop your own original photography style.

We regularly go through each link to ensure that they still work, or still adhere to their original goals. We primarily list non-commercial photography-related sites. If we do list a commercial site, it's because it also contains original content useful to our readers or provides a product and/or service which might benefit our readers.

Note that the fact that we list them here does not constitute an endorsement of any kind for either their products and/or their services. It also does not mean that we necessarily agree with a digital camera review site's conclusions. In fact, we have featured a couple of digital camera review sites we find ourselves often disagreeing with in both their review approach and conclusions so you can hear the other side of the coin -- and make your own decision.

Link Exchanges

We do not do link exchanges, period.

As explained above, if you want us to link to your site, it better have some value to our users, either in content and/or services. If you steal and copy other people's content, we're not interested. All our links on this page have a nofollow attribute.

If you've sent us emails in the past proposing link exchanges, they have probably encountered our email filters and been deleted before we could even see them.





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