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Kodak Easyshare LS753 Review

Review Date: Aug 11, 2004

Category: Point-and-Shoot

Kodak EasyShare LS743 and LS753 Zoom

User's Experience

Wednesday, Jul 21, 2004 - Here's what I receive in the box:

  • Easyshare LS753 Zoom
  • No memory card; (32MB internal memory)
  • Neck Strap
  • Interface Cables: USB and Video
  • Custom camera insert for optional Camera Dock 6000 (which I also receive for the purpose of this review)
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • English Instruction Manual: User's Guide
  • Software CD: Easyshare Software 3.4

The first thing I notice about the Kodak Easyshare LS753 Zoom is the different tones -- I count no less than four tones that, together with the rounded corners, make for a very handsome looking digital camera.

The LS753 is quite compact and definitely JeansPocket™ Certified. In a pocketable camera, it is important for the power button to be recessed so that the camera does not turn on accidentally as you pocket it. The LS753 power button is both recessed and has a cool blue light in the middle that shimmers ("blink" is a too strong word for it) when the camera is turning on and then glows steady when the camera is on. There is also a red light that goes up and down the shooting modes labels on the right side of the LCD monitor as the camera powers on or off. Very cool and fun effects.

I like the battery/memory card compartment door that opens wide, as well as the rubber flap that swivels completely out of the way to give access to the USB and other connectors. Of course, if you have the optional Camera Dock 6000 or Printer Dock 6000, you may not need to ever access the rubber flap because you can recharge and transfer your pictures (at the same time) using the docking station. At "Best" 5MP resolution at 2560x1920 pixels, the internal 32MB memory can hold about 17 images and a 256MB SD memory card about 159 images.

The viewfinder is optical and though it gives a tunnel and quite small view, it's very clear. I prefer to use the 1.8 in. LCD monitor to frame the shots since I can see exposure information on the screen. At 134K pixels, the LCD monitor is quite clear and very usable outdoors even in the sun. I do find it a bit difficult to see in very bright sun, especially if you are wearing sunglasses too.

There's not much zoom power in this camera, only 2.8x, It is not possible to deactivate the digital zoom, but it pauses slightly and you won't hear any whirring noise when you move into digital zoom.

The autofocus works very well. I like my AF to snap when I take macro shots and the LS753 does not disappoint. In Multi-Zone, the camera will favour a foreground subject to lock focus on even if the subject is not centered. The Framing marks turn into a red square to indicate where and when the focus has locked. You can change from this Multi-Zone to Center-Zone via the Menu, but this resets when you power off the camera.

In fact, this is the one feature that I would have personally liked the LS753 to have, viz the ability to save options set via Menu even after power off. As it is, the LS753 defaults to Auto mode on every power on, resetting ISO to Auto, exposure metering to Multi-Pattern, and auto focus to Multi-Zone. Considering the target audience (Point-and-Shoot), this is probably not a bad design decision on the part of the Kodak engineers for it guarantees that if a user "messes" up by playing around in the Menu, all it takes is a power off and on to reset the camera back to its default Auto mode.

The EasyShare software allows you to easily perform common editing functions such as removing red eyes, adjusting brightness and contrast, rotate, even give it a +/- exposure compensation after the fact, plus some fun effects such as converting your picture into a cartoon or pretend you used a fish-eye lens to take the picture. Lots of fun. It also allows you to view a slide show, burn your selected pictures on a CD, email to friends and family members, and order prints online.

A couple of areas that the EasyShare software could improve on:

  • Provide more EXIF info. It does not display all the EXIF info for a picture, and this may or may not be important to you (though there's enough of the essential info).
  • Provide an option in Preferences to disable auto start. It is currently not possible (except through editing the registry or using something like RegCleanr.exe) to completely remove it.

The User's Guide comes as one manual containing both English and French (and Spanish) printed on rather cheap paper but everything is explained adequately with appropriate illustrations.

Friends: 1/250 sec., F4.9 and ISO 80
100mm, Auto, Pattern, 1/250 sec., F4.9 and ISO 80

I also received the optional Camera Dock 6000 for the purpose of this review. This works like any docking station in that it saves you from having to plug and unplug cords and wires to recharge your camera's battery and transfer images from your camera to your PC. Plug the Camera Dock 6000 into a power outlet, connect it to your PC's USB port. Though the Camera Dock 6000 is optional, a custom camera insert is included with the camera kit. What you do is remove the plastic covering on the Camera Dock and place the custom camera insert in its place, providing a snug well to receive the LS753. Now, whenever your camera is not in use, just leave it on the dock to recharge the battery (no need to remove it, and 3 green diodes give an indication of the amount of charge power remaining in the battery); to transfer images, "just click share" -- press the transfer bar for quick, simple and convenient image transfer.

Transfer is fast at about less than 2 sec. per image using the Camera Dock 6000 (measured from pressing the Transfer button on the docking station to until the light stopped flashing to indicate transfer complete). The LS753 provides a recharger that plugs directly into the wall power socket and recharges a completed depleted Li-Ion battery in about 3 hours.

The LS753 does not have manual White Balance, but its intended audience will probably not care. It does not have an AF Illuminator or high-gain LCD so you won't be able to see much if anything in extreme low-light. You can still take pictures in complete darkness with the flash firing and the picture well exposed and, from what I can see, in focus.

The LS753 has the features most certain to please point-and-shooters, such as:

  • the ability to create an Album name and record all pictures into that album (makes organizing pictures easy);
  • a burst mode that allows capturing 4 images in quick succession at 2.4fps (this highly facilitates capturing candid shots);
  • 15 scene modes to automate exposure setting in the most common situations;
  • a short Mode Description on screen for a friendly reminder what a shooting mode is for (no more guessing what the icons are!);
  • a Favorites mode that allows the transfer of selected ("tagged") pictures into the camera's Favorites folder -- thus allowing the LS753 to function as an electronic digital picture wallet to share with family, friends and coworkers (every image is saved at around 1 Megapixel, and there is a limit to the number of favorites images saved). You can even show your favourite images as a slide show.

The Kodak EasyShare LS753 Zoom is a delightful compact digital camera that you can take anywhere; don't let its point-and-shoot simplicity fool you. See the image samples on the Kodak EasyShare LS753 Zoom Photo Gallery for yourself!

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