Interview with Dr. Andreas Kaufman, owner of Leica @ Focus Numérique

The French photography blog Focus Numérique has an interesting interview with Dr. Andreas Kaufman, owner of Leica.


  • Asians see colors slightly differently than Europeans [say what!?!!] and so some sensors are not calibrated the same way in Europe as in Asia.
  • Leica M has a waiting list of one year. Still waiting for his own. Prefers to travel light with the X2.
  • Opened a new factory in Portugal in March 2013 and the new plant in Germany will be completed by the end of the year.
  • Research: perhaps add archiving info on each picture, aside from date [Metadata?]
  • Still mulling over the addition of video.
  • We have a lot of very interesting products in the pipeline.
  • Leica will not make a DSLR. Not only is it a money-losing proposition but “today we have mirrorless technology that can do everything a DSLR can do.
  • “Mini M” was a marketing fiasco. The X Vario is an X-series not an M-series.
  • High praise for the Sony RX1: “We believe that Sony has really made a technological leap with the RX1.
  • No full-format X-series since Leica would have to manufacture its own sensor (as it did for the M), whereas APS-C sensors are readily available.
  • The turnaround of digital cameras is too fast in Japan and, as a result, they cannot make a reasonable profit.
  • High praise for Fujifilm “because they had the good idea to copy us.
  • A put down toward Asian manufacturing: “most devices are built in Vietnam and the Philippines and the final quality is not excellent.

Anyway, if your French is good, read the article at: Focus Numérique. [Or, read the Google translation.]

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