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Brief History of Leica Cameras

    Leica Ig, 1925 Leica M6, 1984 Leica R6

The year 1911 sees Oskar Barnack accepting a job at the Leitz Wetztlar Factory. His idea is to manufacture the first portable Leica, which eventually becomes the pre-cursor to all 35mm cameras.

1912. Prof. Max Berek joins Ernst Leitz Company, invents the Leica lens system, and sets the standards for the legendary image quality leica lenses are famous for.

1913. Oskar Barnack produces the "Ur-Leica" prototype.

1924. Ernst Leitz II decides it is time to bring Oskar Barnack's 35mm camera to market. The Leica (Leitz Camera) brand is born.

1925. The first Leica cameras (Leica I) hit the market.





1954. The Leica M3 is introduced with the first interchangeable bayonet lens system.

1965. The Leicaflex SL, Leica's first SLR, is introduced.




1971. Leica M5 with built-in exposure meter is introduced.

1973. The Leica CL (aka Minolta CL) is produced in collaboration with Minolta. [Link]

1976. Leica and Minolta produce the Leica R3.






1984. Leica M6 -- a legend is born. In my opinion, this is probably the most beautiful camera ever designed!



New Leica cameras introduction are a much anticipated event and excitement is always high. Leica cameras have become collector's items. The following models bring Leica cameras up-to-date. Enjoy!

If you have any anecdote about any of the above cameras that you think might be interesting to share with other readers, please send them to us.

Source: Leica Gallery
  Leica History
And now to the present: Leica Digital Cameras


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