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History of Cameras
The history of 35mm photography is fascinating. Improvements in a number of fields had to converge to produce a compact "image box" that was capable of recording pictures under all kinds of conditions. Miniaturization, optics, light sensors, color films, ... all these developments made it possible for camera manufacturers to produce many models that competed with one another for supremacy. As soon as one model hit the market, another manufacturer introduced an improved model. Soon, a number of camera manufacturers stood out from the pack and some of their cameras earned the respect, loyalty -- and, sometimes love -- of photographers all over the world. We will cover, in a serialized fashion, some of these "famous" cameras in this section as we find time.

In this section, we present (very) brief histories of the cameras that made an impact on 35mm photography. In keeping with our stated goal of keeping material brief and relevant, we present the histories with a combination of words and pictures (keeping in mind that in certain cases, 'a picture is worth a thousand words.')

If there is a camera manufacturer you think should make the list, tell us why.

Canon Demi EE17, 1965 Canon F1, 1971 Canon AE-1, 1976 Canon EOS-1, 1989 Canon Elph Jr., 1997

    Leica Ig, 1925 Leica M6, 1984 Leica R6


    Nikon I, 1948 Nikon F, 1959 Nikon F2, 1971

    Olympus Semi I, 1936 Olympus Pen, 1959 Olympus OM-1, 1972

        Pentax Spotmatic F, 1973
















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