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Fuji Digital Cameras


Fujifilm FinePix S5000 Review

Review Date: Oct 17, 2003

Category: Beginner to Serious Amateur

Fujifilm FinePix S5000

Photoxels Awards

Handling & Feel

Burning Bush: 1/170 sec., F3.2 and ISO 200
Burning Bush:
22mm, Programmed Auto, Multi-Pattern, 1/170 sec., F3.2 and ISO 200

The Fujifilm FinePix S5000 is a beautifully designed digital camera with dimensions of 4.4W x 3.2H x 3.1D in. and weighing 16.9 oz. with the 4 AA batteries and xD-Picture card. It is constructed with a tough plastic body which feels quite nice, with rubberized parts at all the right places. The "SLR look" that the designer decided to give the FinePix S5000 is just right and the black textured body looks very professional.

The FinePix S5000 is not pocketable, and Fujifilm includes a shoulder strap. The camera is extremely light and the best way to carry it is probably slung over the shoulder, in a backpack, or in the kind of bag that slungs diagonally across the shoulder and rests on the chest (for ease of reach).

Those who prefer larger bodies to the compact and ultra-compact designs will love the feel and handling of the FinePix S5000. It is extremely light and small for a long zoom digital camera. With the right hand on the hand grip and the left hand under the lens adapter (I always leave it screwed on), it is possible to hold the FinePix S5000 rock steady.

Let's answer the question that is burning in most people's mind: Is it possible to hand hold shots at maximum zoom without image stabilization?

Those who are regular here know that I like to take my shots hand held, using a tripod only for some macro or otherwise impossible shots. (I.e. "Real Life Shots" -- after all, how many of us walk around with a tripod on our shoulders?) Well, I expect having to use a tripod for maximum zoom shots, but am pleasantly surprised that I do not have to as long as the shutter speed is fast enough (for me, that's 1/150 sec. and up). I invariably end up with blurred shots due to camera shake at slow shutter speeds. You might have a steady hand, but my guess is you would need a tripod or some other means to physically stabilize the camera at slow shutter speeds. It helps that the hand grip and lens adapter makes it possible to hold the FinePix S5000 rock steady.

The LCD is clear with adjustable brightness. The image on the LCD can also be rerouted to the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) which has diopter adjustment for those who, like me, wear glasses.

Lastly, not to be ignored is the "professional SLR" look of the FinePix S5000 which -- I was quite surprised to find -- tends to command more "respect" from people and prospective subjects.

Even though the FinePix S5000 "SLR" design is not something new, I have not found another consumer digital camera that has implemented it so nicely as in the S5000. The positive "total experience" you get from using the FinePix S5000 (everything feels just right) is something we want to highlight, and so we award it our OriGenial™ Seal of Approval.

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