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Fujifilm Teases New Mirrorless DSLR

Mon January 20, 2014

Fujifilm has posted a teaser titled “X-Photographers x X-Lovers Festival” for what is certainly a new mirrorless DSLR to be formally announced January 28.

View another teaser here.


Olympus teases: A Revolutionary New Camera is Coming…

Tue August 27, 2013

I received this “Revolutionary Teaser” in my mailbox today from Olympus. You can register to be among the first to know the specs as soon as it comes out.
View the teaser on the Olympus Europe site:


Nikon Mirrorless Just One Day Away

Tue September 20, 2011

The countdown has begun and it is barely one day away as we write this when Nikon is slated to announce in New York its interchangeable lens camera offering, aka compact mirrorless. Rumors have been rife and have swirled across the Internet with postings of leaked images and list of features.

View the teaser at: [note the “s”].


Photography, iPad & iPhone

Sat August 14, 2010

Vincent LaForet is hinting at a “BIG announcement”:

Then there’s a BIG announcement coming soon… something to do with Photography and iPads and iPhones… can’t wait to share that one – that too has been a 6 month project in the making… more to come soon! The goal is for all of this to happen within the next 2-4 weeks!

Very cryptic…


Olympus Teaser

Thu January 28, 2010

Olympus USA has a teaser up on its web site, under “You can’t hide INNOVATION.”